Proven With Stability, Scalability, Speed & Handling Large Volumes Of Transactions!

FinTech Crowd provides enterprise level solutions to help business to establish themselves and expand in their desired markets.

Providing more than just technology solutions, our team of experts at FinTech Crowd are all set up to support your continued performance. Check here to learn more…


Following a pre-defined moral code to ensure commitment and dedication

With the power of rationalization and personal judgment, our team at FinTech Crowd maintains integrity in business. Though everyone defines integrity differently, we make sure your perspective and out opinion on integrity is the same. We meet our commitments and maintain high standards of product quality. Read more

Proven systems

A global solution that enables you to create a customizable web presence

Our commitment to excellence has enabled us to grow with our clients. Our aim to support our clients through each step is the secret behind our effective corporate solutions. With our proven systems and money remittance software we create genuine value for our clients. Read more

Security and compliance

Ensure peace of mind with secure and traceable transactions

We understand the critical importance of compliance and security in money transfer software. We regard security and compliance among our strongest traits and thus provide multi-region KYC, AML and regulatory reporting. Read more

Research and Development

Enhancing the horizons of solutions with advanced research and development capabilities

Utilizing innovation and efficiency, you too can improve your business processes to stay relevant. With extensive research services, FinTech Crowd makes sure your business doesn’t suffer the curse of redundancy. Read more

Dedicated support team

Preventing small leaks from becoming hassles

A dedicated support team ensures your business can easily overcome any hurdles that come your way. Even a small leak can sink a ship and that’s what our support team aims to prevent. With a team of experts on your case, preventing and handling small obstacles isn’t a hassle at all. Read more

Customised solutions

Flexible and customizable options for optimum solutions

Help streamline your business processes and mitigate the risk involved. With customised solutions for businesses, and a thorough understanding of the industry, our team of experts at VinIT aim to provide exclusive services. Read more

Live operations

Project management services for efficient operations handling

Managing operations allows our team of experts to keep a closer look on your business model. With comprehensive operations management services, your money exchange and remittance business is well tended to. At VinIT, we take care of customers’ production systems, ensuring the highest level of integrity and efficiency.

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