Can I get rate board for my window to display rates?

Yes we have additional system for display rates on your TV screen.

Do you provide TV/Display screens?

No we do not provide any screens. We only provide software solutions which can take rates from our Money Exchange system to TV / Display screen.

How many slides do I get for display screen?

We design three slides with currencies list either landscape or portrait

Do you design any adverts inbetween the rates slides?

We can design adverts for you, but we charge additionally according to the design.

Do you have any simple system for exchange for small startup businesses?

Yes we have Money Exchanger MX for small single branch start up businesses. It also got remittance module

Can I use touch screen computers for your exchange systems?

Yes, But we wont advice to to use touch screen as these systems user interfaces were not designed for touch screen. Since our systems are packed with lots of features, its not easy for a user to navigate through functions in touch screen.

Can I use exchange system as a service and pay monthly?

Yes you can, we offer Exchange and Remittance products as a service on monthly basis. Payments should be made Direct Debit only.

Is your systems web based? Can I access them from anywhere?

You can in our remittance web based platform Money Express. In Money Exchanger is designed for single branch operations which can not be access from out side. Our Money EXchanger Plus can be access from anywhere, with only set of system files.

If I purchase the system, how long you will take to install and set up?

We can install and setup on the same day in matter of 1-2 hours.

Does your system works on Apple computers?

No, all our exchange systems works on Windows platform only.

Where is my data will be saved?

In you main computers or server computers. We do not provide any servers or stroage for your data. We install the system in your servers.

If my computer crash what how do I install the system back? Do I get any CD that I can install the system back?

No we do not provide any CD packs for installation. All installation will be carried out by VinIT Support staffs. We will install the system back to you.

Can I backup my data to aviod any unexpected loss interms of system crashes?

Yes, we have backup tools in all our products to facilitate user to take back up on regular basis. Always make sure you take back up into some external memory.

Does your system comply with UK and European Regulations?

Yes all our systems comply with UK and most of European regulations. We have got Swedish Tax Authority - Skatteverket & Norwegian Tax Administration accreditations and also comply with Australian AUSTRAC reporting regulations.

Which sanctions list your system check in terms of AML?

In Money Exchanger (MX) we have UK HMRC and US OFAC. In Money Exchanger Plus (MX2) & Money Express we have UK HMRC, US OFAC, AUSTRAC, EU and UN.

Can I attach mutiple ID for a customer?

Yes you can have any number of IDs for a customer.

In terms of AML and KYC regulations, will your system alert me for if any large transactions or aggregated for a period?

Yes, system will alert the user on pre set conditions based on amount whether its one off and linked transaction.

Will your system alert me when customer ID expires?

Yes all our plaform will notify the user on all expired IDs.

What are the accreditations you have for your systems?

All our systems comply with UK and most of European regulations. We have Swedish Tax Authority - Skatteverket & Norwegian Tax Administration accreditations and also Australian AUSTRAC reporting regulations

Can I connect any other API with your exchange or remittance platform?

Yes, all our products are very flexible to integrate any API.

In remittance system did you integrate any payment gateways?

Yes we have integrated two different payment gateways already. 1. Optimal Payment 2. Nets Pay. We can also integrate any specific if you prefer.

Is there any integration done relate to ID check?

Yes , we have implemneted a third party service called Tracesmart - which provides additional ID checks and PEP checks.

Any payment partners integrated in your Remittance System?

We have integrated three different pay partners in our Remittance platform. 1. Bakaal 2. Money Express 3. Chase Bank 4. Home Send

Do you have Sofort Banking integrated on Remittance System?

Yes already have Sofort Banking integrated in Money Express.

Any special plugins or service intergated?

We also have Postcode Finder and SMS serices integrated in our Remittance System.

Do you accept card payments?

Yes, We accept all major credit cards

Do I have to pay any fee monthly?

Yes, all our systems are licence based. You can pay annualy to save some money.

What is the difference between licence and support?

Licence is compulsory one which includes regular updates and version updates with new features & bug fixes. Support is an optional which VinIT support team support you for any issue which are related to your network or system crashes etc.

Can I pay support whenever I need support only rather than monthly or annualy?

Yes. We have Pay As You Go support options

Do you charge for Exchange System per user or per branch?

We charge per branch. You can have unlimted users. Licence & Support also charged per branch only.

How many pcs I can install in a branch?

In one branch licence you can have three PCs. Additional PC installation charged accordingly. See price card or contact us.

Can you help me to get an account with any wholesaler ?

Yes, we can help you acquire account with some wholesalers

Can my customer send money online?

Yes our web based remittance platform have online customer module which faciliate customer to send money online.

Do I have limitations on number of transactions?

Yes number of transactions per month will differ from packages.

Do I still have to pay for online customer module if I dont have online customer?

No, you do not. If you choose Professional package , you will get online customer module for free.

Is there any fee for every transactions?

Yes there is a fee per transactions. Please check price card or contact us.

Do you do web sites for Exchange and Remittance businesses?

Yes we do web sites for all businesses. We have already did web sites for our exchange and remittance clients. They include online order module, where customer can order currencies online or send money online.

Can I update rates to my web site automatically?

Yes you can. All our web developments include web sync tool which enable auto rate update from any of our exchange or remittance platform.

Can customer order currency from the web site?

Yes, we have online order module to order currencies online either registered customer or as guest customer.

How KYC will be handle in web site for an Exchange business?

Customer can create accounts in the web sites. Those accunts will hold their personal data and login details. Through the login details they can log into their account and order currencies online. They do not have to enter their personal data again and again. In addition to that they can view their order history too along with order status.

Do you provide demo for your products?

Yes, we can arrange live demostration (remotely/in-person)

Is that possible to have some trial version of your products?

Yes, we can give trial versions upto 3-4 days.

Do you provide training?

Yes, we do provide training for all our clients. Training will be given remotely. Any number of people can join the training from their own location. Its free of charge.

How long the training will last?

Training can be provied upto 4 hours in total free of charge. You can split that into two days 2hours per day.

How do I get support from you in regards to system issue?

There are so many ways to get support from us. You can contact our support team via Email or Phone or even through the system option - Service Request. Please check out contact page for more details.

Do I have to pay for the support?

Yes, support is chargeable depends on the Licence & Support packages you choose. Please check price card or contact us.

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