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Explore the products FinTech Crowd have in store for you. With a mature money Exchange & Remittance software, you can add value to your business offerings.

Allowing secure transactions, our global money transfer solution complies with EU and FSA regulations. Check here to read more…

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FinTech Crowd's currency exchange software platform. A complete application to cover all aspects of the business.

Currency Exchange Software

Integrated currency exchange software to eliminate cumbersome manual processes.

Compliance with EU and FSA regulations is of critical importance where currency exchange is concerned. Ensuring complete compliance and the ease of an automated system, Money Exchanger is the ultimate foreign exchange software your business requires.

Customer Management

  • Individual and corporate accounts
  • Sanction Screening and risk assessment
  • Rule based engine
  • Automatic customer and beneficiary identification

AML Compliance

  • Range of audit reports
  • Automatic block for invalid transactions
  • Monitoring mechanism for large transactions
  • Screen customer details against OFAC and HM Treasury data base, including third party database
  • Rule based risk management module

Money Remittance Software

Configurable and all-in-one remittance platform for businesses.

Increasing migrations have made money transfer a household necessity. As the volume of remittances has increased, so has the profits for money transfer companies. With the right money transfer software, your business can provide efficient and smooth services. Instead of taking on the hassle of managing large remittance amounts, businesses now rely on an efficient money remittance software to handle the complex process. With a platform to make things easier, businesses can avail the convenience of user-friendly interface.

FinTech Crowd provides the ultimate global money transfer solution, Money Exchanger. A systemized, computerized and synchronized system means that your business acquires the perfect tool for record keeping. Faster and more efficient services decrease the transfer time, allowing you to focus on other crucial areas.

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Sam McDonald

Supreme Money Transfer Ltd

Working with FinTech Crowd doesn’t feel link working with an external software development company; it feels as if we have been working with an internal team of the Supreme Money Transfer. Read more

M. Kader

Pearl Globe Exchange Ltd

FinTech Crowd software is the perfect tool for our currency exchange business with easy to use functions and great compliance as well


Syed Abbas

Union Bureau De Change Ltd

Surely one of the best software in the market. We at UNION BUREAU DE CHANGE a currency wholesaler are satisfied with the product and support of FinTech Crowd and defiantly recommend them. Read more

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