British Travelers Will Enjoy Affordable EU Trips This Summer Thanks To Currency Swings

Although the ongoing saga of Greece and its harrowing negotiations with EU creditors has caused drama and untold amounts of stress and tension for financiers around the world, one particular group stands to benefit immensely from this turmoil – British tourists who are hoping to vacation in the EU this summer. With the value of the EU dollar plummeting to record lows against the British pound, it is quite likely that holidays abroad this summer will be markedly more affordable for families seeking a fun vacation in any one of the EU member states this holiday season.

When asked to provide a comment on the fortuitous timing of these dramatic currency fluctuations, Andrew Brown, a member of Post Office Travel Money, stated, “This is great news. Holidaymakers can look forward to cashing in on the increased buying power of sterling in most popular destinations this summer.”

That being said, a strong British pound doesn’t necessarily guarantee a more budget-friendly trip. It is also essential that tourists remain savvy when planning their vacations in order to ensure that the destination of their choice remains well within their budget range. When discussing the possible opportunities available for families seeking to cash in on the EU’s declining currency, Paul Stokes, the current head of product at M&S Bank, stated, “The stronger pound against the euro, combined with the warm temperatures over the summer, make European destinations like Portugal and France ideal for families hoping to make the most of their holiday budgets.”

Prior to the bubbling over of tension in the EU, analysts had predicted that British tourists were likely to spend more this summer on their vacations than in previous years. It will be quite interesting to observe how these currency shifts affect the data when the tourism season comes to a close.

No matter how valuable the British pound will be relative to the EU dollar, it is essential that tourists find the right money exchanger or foreign exchange service when exchanging their currency. Given the fact that exorbitant commission fees and meagre exchange rates are fast becoming the norm throughout the UK, it may take patience and research in order to find the perfect foreign exchange service provider.

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