Don’t exchange currency at the airport – they have the worst exchange rates

After disembarking from a lengthy international flight, the chances are quite good that you’re ready to seize the day and jump headfirst into your vacation plans. That being said, industry experts agree that certain items on your pre-entertainment “to-do” list, such as exchanging currency, are best done after you have left the airport.

Recently, the British pound has made unprecedented gains against the Euro, reaching a record 1:1.35 conversion rate. For those traveling into EU countries for vacation, this is likely to produce a variety of joyful responses. That is, of course, unless you are exchanging your currency into the EU dollar at local airports, which have now been reported to be offering as low as 1:1.06, a rate that is too far below international standards to ignore. With exchange rates settling near 1:1.30 online and 1:1.26 at a large number of high street banks, it seems almost impossible to believe that airport exchange services have the audacity to venture as low as they seem to be headed. This would be a scandal, but tourists are, nevertheless, continuing to opt into these predatory banking practices which are dramatically reducing the value of their financial resources during travel.

When asked to discuss the current exchange rates, Simon Phillips, a member of No1 Currency, stated, “The rates offered by money exchanges at the airports are terrible, targeting travellers who have no option. The clear message is to plan ahead and order online.”

Fortunately, tourists have a number of options available to them after they have decided that they are ready to exchange their currency outside of this predatory airline environment. A number of websites are currently available which feature outstanding currency exchange rates for a wide array of currency pairs. For those who would prefer to avoid online exchanges, it is highly recommended that all available exchange options at local banks be explored before visiting an airline shop.

Although the value of today’s in-demand currencies is likely to shift over time, savvy travelers can continue to find the best possible exchange opportunities to maximize the value of their financial resources. As always, a bit of persistence will likely pay off in the long run. Those who are passionate about finding the best possible deals on their exchange rates can do so by spending the time needed to locate the best possible exchange services. With the summer holiday season just around the corner, this information really couldn’t come at a better time!

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