Exchanging Money – How to Get the Best Rates in These Times of Turmoil

First the results of the referendum, followed by the triggering of Article 50, and now the unanticipated general election results. Following each of these, the pound has fallen and appears to keep falling. It is now at its lowest in over 4 years and no one is certain where it will land. Two years of negotiations will see the pound remain unstable and inflation rise to a high that has not been seen for many years. There are grumblings about a second general election and that could see the pound drop even further. The Article 50 negotiations will lead to a soft or hard exit and a soft exit could be beneficial for the pound.

All of this uncertainty and turmoil is making the exchange of the pound to another currency unpredictable and difficult for Brits to decide when a good time is for exchanging their money, mainly for travel as the season is upon us. Exchange your money now, before the pound falls further, or waiting and hoping that it rebounds is a difficult decision. With inflation as it stands now, people have to be very careful with their finances and ensure that they are getting the best rate possible to make their money go further.

If you don’t want to think about exchange rate movements and plan a strategy, buying at today’s price and simply ensuring you find the best rate on offer is one option. Keep in mind that the best rates will not be found at a bank or Post Office, and the worst place to exchange your money is at transport hubs such as airports. It is often the small, highly localised suppliers who have the best rates. Planning ahead can also save you money by ordering ahead of time, most exchange businesses will give you a good deal and, depending on the amount you want to exchange, will charge you lower fees.

Another option is to buy in stages. This will even out the rate as the pound fluctuates and you purchase at times when it is high and sometimes it could be low. This option won´t give you the best rate but it will prevent you from purchasing money during a temporary slump. Be aware that some fees are higher for smaller amounts and it would be wise to research these fees before opting to buy in stages.

The bottom line to purchasing currency is to do your research and make a plan. You want to ensure that you are getting the best rates and lowest fees for exchanging your money. After all, you´re going on vacation and the last thing you want to be thinking while on vacation is money and how, in hindsight, you should have done it differently.

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