Facebook Wants to Start Handling Your Money – Here’s Why

Gotten swept up into the social media craze in recent years? That’s understandable. After all, never before in the history of the human experience have individuals been able to explore so many elements of their daily lives simultaneously, ranging from pertinent world and local news to advertisements, product placements and social updates from friends and family.

That being said, Facebook is ready to take their immersive experience one step further by offering a convenient and powerful method for undertaking e-commerce transactions with many of the world’s larger retailers as well as between Facebook friends.

In many ways, this information should come as no surprise. After all, virtually every other major internet and tech platform has begun to release tools that individuals and business owners can use to quickly transfer money, pay invoices, etc. One of the more prominent technologies featured recently has been Bitcoin, the revolutionary crypto-currency that has quickly risen to become one of the most talked about and, simultaneously, controversial tech innovations in years.

Currently, there’s no concrete details on whether or not Facebook’s system will handle Bitcoin transactions, nor is there really any information at all! The news leak concerning this payment system was actually instigated by a computer techie at Stanford who discovered lines of existing code within the Facebook infrastructure that allowed for payments to be processed and undertaken via the messenger app.

This, really, is the only information that is actually available at this point. It stands to reason, however, that Facebook would be considering a platform such as this to unleash in the upcoming months, if only to remain competitive with the other tech giants who are operating in similar fashion.

A payment system would also ensure an even more regular supply of traffic to Facebook, which is only good news to investors and shareholders. It’s obvious to see, therefore, that any one of several reasons could be used as justification for implementing this new program. Because of this, it will be quite interesting to see exactly how this product rollout occurs and, more important, when. Timing is everything in the tech world, and numerous businesses have lost out to the competition simply by letting first mover advantage slip out of their fingers. If Facebook is serious about gaining respect and competing with the nation’s other tech giants, it’s definitely important for them to consider just how much time and money they are willing to invest in this particular enterprise.

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