Have banks ignored the lessons taught from the crash?

Many people tend to recall very well some of the terrifying events occurring on 15 September 2008, when Wall Street bankwent under bankruptcy. As these sad news broke out, the atmosphere was filled with panic. Many were restless and could hardly find ways to transfer their savings to safer banks.

This situation was very frustrating as people just sat looking at their screens like statues not knowing what to do next. Even if there were some opportunities to be explored, they could not act since they were paralyzed. Phone calls were coming from family members giving suggestions to get as much money as possible out of the banks. Now as they try to recall those days, they feel humiliated by their vulnerability.

Two years later, these people who were very terrified when the incident occurred, they spoke as if they were not shaken by the event. However, the families who phoned their loved ones said that they were experiencing a domino effect. What they were afraid of is that the going into bankruptcy at such a huge institution could halt the financial system. This means that it could have been impossible to withdraw their money, and credit flow seized. This financial crisis was close to causing total failure of the global financial system. If this situation had occurred, then the global trade would have stopped working within a short period.

After the crash and threats of 2008, there has been a lot ignorance among the members of the public the political mainstream. The financial field tried as much as possible to hide the reality from the media by portraying themselves as innocent and that the crash was caused by greed or by some fault amongst the respective bankers. Even after the affected banks declared the need for significant changes in structure, people had doubts and questions about the reality of the crash.

Investigations began into the matter as well as reconstructions by writers, journalists and politicians. Many books have been published on this crash with extensive hearings and recommendations. However, they have not been given much attention by the public as they totally ignored the tragic event.

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