Is the Bitcoin Boom Over for Mining Software Providers?

When the Bitcoin hype machine tapers down, two potentially dangerous actions occur: 1.) people stop investing in the coin, which, given the absolute need for early-stage adoption, is causing significant hurdles for traders and investors alike, and 2.) Bitcoin miners stop mining Bitcoin due to a substantially decreased profit margin. Given the fact that the successful operation of the Bitcoin platform relies upon the miners to enable the transaction verification platform, commonly referred to as the Blockchain, a lack of miners means more than just a general loss of interest in this notorious alt-coin; it could mean the end of the entire operation.

It’s also important to remember that the process of mining bitcoin becomes inherently more difficult and cost ineffective as more coins are placed into circulation. The massive spike in Bitcoin miners in recent months has served to drive the operating expenses of competitive Bitcoin miners much higher than they ever could have imagined. As more and more hardware is required to mine Bitcoins, even the most experienced miners have begun to wince at the expenses they are incurring, especially as the price of Bitcoin continues to fall.

Ultimately, there are essentially two viewpoints one can adopt when discussing the current Bitcoin trends with an eye towards predicting the future. As there really exists no discernible trend or precedent for a product or idea such as Bitcoin, even on the most advanced bureau de change software available today, it’s anyone’s guess as to what exactly will happen. The coin will either flourish…or it won’t. In order for Bitcoin to remain a trending topic, however, Bitcoin miners are going to need to get excited about mining yet again. This, truly, is the first step towards keeping the Bitcoin operation in the running for status as a revolutionary product.

Is the Bitcoin boom over? It very well could be. Numerous experts have already proclaimed that the coin will be virtually worthless in coming months. As with all things revolutionary, however, a “wait and see” approach may be the best available. One thing is for sure, however: Bitcoin has dramatically redefined how we think of payment, currency, and bureau de change software in the 21st century, and that in itself is a commendable feat.

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