Latest Web Design Trends

When it comes to fast-paced, ever evolving industries, digital design remains one of the most dynamic. Given the fact that so many business now rely on digital platforms such as websites to propel their domestic and global presence, professional web design remains one of the most popular and cutting-edge fields in which savvy tech-minded creatives can make a name for themselves. For the casual business, however, staying abreast of the latest web design trends may prove to be challenging, if only for the fact that such an astonishing array of activity happens on a regular basis.

Central to the new era of web design is the concept of mobile optimization. Given the fact that Google has recently announced that websites which feature “mobile-friendly” designs will be given priority within search engine rankings, a number of business owners have begun to actively refresh their pre-existing platforms in order to ensure that they don’t receive unwanted penalties from the world’s largest search engine. So, what does a mobile-optimized website look like? Essentially, the design has been configured in such a way as to ensure that mobile users are not forced to scroll excessively or navigate small menus that thumbs could wreak havoc on due to their small pixel dimensions.

Yet another key trend in modern web design is cohesive branding. Unlike the earlier generations of web design, in which all styles, fonts and colour schemes were “fair game”, web developers have, at last, adopted the same values of standard graphic designers. Professional web platforms have begun to feature a unified, streamlined design scheme which ensures that visitors are left with a strong impression.

It is also quite interesting to note that web designers have begun to research and evaluate the design trends occurring throughout their industry vertical, exploring perceived strengths and weaknesses and using them to their advantage within their own particular platforms. Because of this, even a casual perusal of industry competitors will reveal similar design attributes that are slowly becoming synonymous with the particular type of business being explored.

Content has slowly emerged as the true “king” of web design. Although videos and images remain important tools of marketing professionals, studies continually show that intelligent, thoughtful content remains the primary vehicle through which business owners can propel their visibility forward and receive higher rates of organic search traffic. It will be interesting to observe how these trends evolve over the short term!

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