More People prefer new Money Transfer services than using Banks

Why is it that money transfer has become such a heated topic of discussion for so many? Given the fact that this service is so essential for many individuals living in working in places that are not their native homes, it would seem likely that money transfer and money exchange services would become an ubiquitous element of 21st century living. That being said, it seems quite interesting to observe the strong reactions that money transfer services seem to bring out in those that use them often.

If one were to venture a guess why these service are the target of much criticism and analysis by so many, it would likely be the fact that commission fees between various money transfers differ so widely. For example, many experts in the industry consider high street banks to slightly more expensive that privately owned organisations, while other authorities consider the aforementioned banking organisation to be the only legitimate service by which money transfer should occur.

Analysts are now shedding light on consumer sentiment in this particular arena, revealing insights which may prove to be surprising for many. According to the managing director of FXcompared, Daniel Webber, “This new data from FXcompared shows that since many consumers consider rates of exchange and transfer fees as important factors when transferring money, only a minority now trust in their banks for these services.”

While this doesn’t necessarily mean that banks should be condemned for crippling fees, it does provide us with the information we need to form one significant conclusion, that being individuals are now willing to explore various alternatives to major banking institutions when seeking out a foreign transfer service with whom they would like to engage in a transaction with. In the words of Webber, “A sophisticated, often younger, majority, now undertake their international money transfers with other non-bank providers.”

For those entrepreneurs who are savvy enough to latch onto new trends as they emerge, this information may prove to be inspiring indeed. After all, it seems the time is ripe for a low-cost, highly affordable money transfer service to emerge within this dynamic and exciting marketplace.

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