Shanghai Stock Exchange Rates are booming

The interest rate on overnight loans on the Shanghai Stock Exchange experienced some of the largest gains in nearly seven weeks as new market subscribers rushed to borrow cash in order to finance new share sales. According to experts, it is estimated that the initial public offerings on the Shanghai Stock Exchange will amount to nearly 2 trillion yuan.

Following this flurry of activity, the seven-day repurchase rate, which is commonly con-sidered to be an accurate gauge of interbank liquidity levels, rose two base points, top-ping out at 3.83 percent. According to Frank Sun, an analyst at Shanghai CFETS-ICAP International Money Brokering Co., the activity related to the IPO’s, while exciting, did little to rattle the more stable foundation of the interbank marketplace. This, of course, implies that interbank liquidity remains quite high.

According to the most recent reports, aggregate financing levels, the most broad level of credit available, reached nearly 1.69 trillion yuan in the month of December, which is almost 500 million higher than the initial estimate offered by a current Bloomberg survey. Analytics reports have also revealed that the volume of new currency loans has also fallen significantly to 697.3 billion yuan, down from 852.7 billion yuan in November of last year.

The price of one-year interest rate swaps, the fixed sum that must be paid in order to receive the current floating seven-day repo rate, was increased by nearly three basis points. Experts believe that the PBOC will most likely remain somewhat sedate on policy enactment as long as financial data does not begin to show signs of worsening. As the volume of loans continues to grow, it is likely that the economy will further stabilize.

Currently, the yield on government bonds which are slated to be due on December 2024 are unchanged. The yield remains fixed at 3.54 percent. This figure is the lowest closing that has been observed since December 1st of last year.

Given the large spate of activity that has currently been undertaken, it is likely that the marketplace will remain somewhat volatile for the coming weeks. It will be very interesting to observe how investors respond and reshape their strategies in the wake of such a substantial IPO for the Shanghai Stock Exchange. As always, it is likely that numerous opportunities will present themselves for those who are following the dynamics of this situation closely.

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