Take Advertising to a Whole New Level with Digital Advertising

In the world of money exchange the competition is huge. Having great software and an advertising platform that won’t cut into your profits gives businesses the advantage of offering competitive rates. VinIT Solutions has a sound offering of software and now offers a digital advertising system that will give you the edge over your competitors. Don’t toss out your flyers or mailings but, rather, add to their benefits using digital advertising. As with all advertising, you want your business to be a common sight. The more your potential customers see your name and your brand, the more likely they are to reach out to you for business.

Advertising your business can be costly but with digital advertising you’ll save money and reach more people. Spending on advertising has grown exponentially in the UK, seeing growth every year for the past seven years in a row. Digital formats continue to dominate that market and mobile advertising accounting for 99% of that growth. According to James McDonald, a senior data analyst at Warc, the UK ad industry is experiencing the “most seismic shift” in its history. “Last year exemplified this, as over 95% of the money entering the market came from digital formats. The trend will continue as ad tech improves and consumers spend more time with their internet- connected devices,” he claims.

To see digital advertising growing year in, year out is encouraging in these unsettled times of Brexit. Advertising has proved to be resilient to uncertainty and digital advertising is helping to lead the way. It provides an electronic communication medium that allows businesses to gain more exposure and reach a greater audience. Being able to reach customers with dynamic images and videos direct to their mobile devices is a boost for advertising. This rings even truer when you’re advertising money exchange software. Information can change quickly, as with exchange rates, for example.

The business of money exchange is constantly changing. Cutting edge technology has created an exchange world that is able to offer rate changes at lightning speed, in real time. Being able to advertise to your current and future customers through the digital medium will attract customers and is cost effective. We all know how much time is spent on mobile phones and tablets. We also know that many of our customers like to transact business using these devises. Combining advertising with your software is simply the next step in our digital world.

The Digital Display Systems offered by VinIT Solutions provides you with an electronic communication medium that allows you to gain more exposure and a greater audience. While posters, handbills, leaflets, screen printing and stickers displayed in more visible places to the public was the most popular method of advertising, digital display solutions have come to the forefront of the advertising world. With the invention of digital display solutions, communication has become more flexible and much easier than the printed media.

The printed advertisement isn’t going away any time soon, so don’t rush to do away with that and go all in with digital advertising. Think of digital advertising as an add-on, for now. One day, digital advertising may be the only advertising you see, but that’s doubtful. Customers want both, so utilise your digital presence while maintaining your printed advertisements in order to reach as many potential customers and maintain the ones you have.

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