World’s First Wearable Money Transfer Watch

As the idea of the “smart watch” quickly begins to take hold of consumers’ imaginations, a number of entrepreneurial-minded companies and individuals have become to find new and innovative ways in which these products can further facilitate daily professional and personal needs.

International money transfer has long been considered one of the most cumbersome elements of traveling or multinational business, due in large part to the lack of a convenient and powerful transfer system outside of real-world, brick and mortar banking institutions. All of that is about to change, however.

Recently, the global money transfer firm World First announced that they would soon be marketing the a new app which they are billing as “the world’s first international payments app for a wearable device”. According to the developers, this new app will allow for seamless and near-instantaneous transfer of funds for both professional and personal use across multiple currencies.

Featuring a number of flashy voice commands and innovative swiping features, the new app developed by World First allows customers to buy and sell international currency, as well as engage in transfers of all sizes, in less than 60 seconds, all from the comfort of their own wrist.

This, of course, will serve as a welcome addition to the arsenal of on-the-go business professionals around the world, many of whom simply do not have the time to stop in and engage in person-to-person transactions with banking institutions. Given the fact that many of these organisations also levy hefty commission fees against customers, the attractive rates offered by World First will likely be very appealing to those who have not yet been acquainted with them.

This all assumes, of course, that wearable technology will truly become the next “hot” item on the marketplace. The public still appears relatively divided on whether or not these products should be popularized. According to a recent UK survey, more than a third of those polled stated that they would be embarrassed to wear this particular type of technology in public. Opinions are likely to change substantially over time, however, and the new wearables being developed by major software companies around the world should withstand the test of time. For customers of World First, this will definitely be welcome news. More information about World First’s revolutionary new app can be found by visiting their official website. The company has stated they are currently in the process of developing a similar app for the Apple watch.

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