Is the Bitcoin Boom Over for Mining Software Providers?

When the Bitcoin hype machine tapers down, two potentially dangerous actions occur: 1.) people stop investing in the coin, which, given the absolute need for early-stage adoption, is causing significant hurdles for traders and investors alike, and 2.) Bitcoin miners stop mining Bitcoin due to a substantially decreased profit margin. Given the fact that the

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Shanghai Stock Exchange Rates are booming

The interest rate on overnight loans on the Shanghai Stock Exchange experienced some of the largest gains in nearly seven weeks as new market subscribers rushed to borrow cash in order to finance new share sales. According to experts, it is estimated that the initial public offerings on the Shanghai Stock Exchange will amount to

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Bitcoin Software is the future for money exchange

For many investors who have spent the last six months of their life proclaiming loudly that Bitcoin is the way of the future, the current price fluctuations that have led to the lowest price points for the currency since 2013 may be causing cold sweats, nightmares and vigorous bouts of rage/denial. That being said, taking

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